George Lopez

While I don’t always love George Lopez’s comedy, I am definitely looking forward to his next HBO special, “George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C.” in August of this year.

Donald Trump, Jr.

The news was dominated this past week by the release of emails that showed Donald Trump, Jr. participated in at least one meeting with people alleging to represent the Russian government and who represented themselves as supporters of Trump’s campaign for President. The news does not help the credibility of the Administration that has denied…


Zillow Instant Offers

After years of denying that they have any intention of displacing real estate agents, some agent groups and attorneys believe, Instant Offers®, is the smoking gun that shows Zillow’s true intent. Instant Offers essentially gives would-be home sellers the opportunity to solicit offers directly from buyers (mostly investors), thus circumventing agents from at least part…