Special Prosecutors

This week Time Magazine had Robert Mueller on its cover, the special prosecutor appointed by the deputy Attorney General of the United States. The word is that President Trump is exploring ways to either remove or neutralize Mueller. Removal would almost certainly send the country into a constitutional crisis, but Trump has reason to be…


HUD Appointments

Pam Patenaude’s nomination as Deputy Secretary of HUD easily passed committee and now moves to full Senate for approval. She looks like a shoe-in. With Pam and two other strong candidates (and NAHREP supporters) currently being considered for leadership roles at FHA and Ginnie Mae, things are looking more positive at HUD.

Live Below Your Means

A businesswoman with incredible foresight and care, Liza Mendez learned the important lesson of living within your means early in life. She grew up with the comforts of a well-off family, never lacking or in need. After transitioning from a life of privilege to being on her own at a young age, Liza realized there…