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Successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of today’s leading Hispanic business organization

Gary Acosta is an entrepreneur, public policy advocate, and investor. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP ®). NAHREP is the largest Latino business organization in the nation, with 40,000 dues-paying members and forty-five full-time staff. Mr. Acosta is also the co-founder of L’ATTITUDE, a major event he produces with international business executive Sol Trujillo, former United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, and music superstar Emilio Estefan. L’ATTITUDE celebrates the key role of Latinos in business, entertainment, sports, tech, and politics. Acosta is also a general partner of L’ATTITUDE Ventures, the nation’s largest venture capital fund exclusively focused on Latino-led start-ups. Mr. Acosta writes a weekly blog about business and current events at

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PODCAST: Govies, Plutes, & Gangsters

Money. Power. Future. Latinos continue to drive the U.S. Economy with their dollar and fulfill the workforce with their skills but reap little in reward. This podcast dives into how govies (government officials), plutes (venture capitalists), and gangsters (industry trailblazers), all have a unique yet critical role to play in closing the wealth gap. Join entrepreneur and investor Gary Acosta, Co-Founder & CEO of NAHREP, the country’s leading Hispanic business organization, and of L’ATTITUDE, the preeminent platform for Latino economic empowerment, with powerhouse guests as they take on closing the wealth gap in the Latino community. Available in audio and video formats.

Gary Acosta’s Weekly Blog

Mr. Acosta produces a weekly blog about business and current events, sharing his perspective on entertainment, sports, tech, and politics. Available in audio and text formats.