Govies, Plutes, & Gangsters

Money. Power. Future. Latinos continue to drive the U.S. Economy with their dollar and fulfill the workforce with their skills but reap little in reward. This podcast dives into how government officials (“govies”), venture capitalists (“plutes”), and industry trailblazers (“gangsters”), all have a unique yet critical role to play in closing the wealth gap in the Latino community. Join entrepreneur and investor Gary Acosta, Co-Founder & CEO of NAHREP, the country’s leading Hispanic business organization, and of L’ATTITUDE, the preeminent platform for Latino economic empowerment, with powerhouse guests as they discuss what it takes to close the wealth gap within the Latino community. Available in audio and video formats.

Govies, Plutes, & Gangsters Episodes

Join award-winning music icon and industry legend Emilio Estefan as he reflects on lessons throughout his life, his businesses, and what he envisions as the future of the Latino community.
On-Air Political Analyst for MSNBC and bestselling author Anand Giridharadas starts a provocative conversation with Gary Acosta about the intentional economic shift reducing homeownership and wealth building opportunities for Latinos.
From humble beginnings to establishing herself as a top producer and prolific real estate investor, Oralia Herrera shares her unique approach when working with clients to not only help them find a place to call home; but also establish a path to generational wealth through investment opportunities.
International business executive Sol Trujillo emphasizes the necessity of “running with” one’s own ideas to Gary Acosta as he recounts his road from just beginning in the telecom industry to co-founding L’ATTITUDE.