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Gary Acosta is an entrepreneur, public policy advocate, investor, and thought leader passionate about advancing prosperity for Latinos and other underserved communities. As an industry leader, he protects and improves the business environment required to close the wealth gap, particularly via homeownership. Amongst other endeavors, he is Co-Founder & CEO of NAHREP, the country’s leading Hispanic business organization, and Co-Founder of L’ATTITUDE, the preeminent platform for Latino economic empowerment. Acosta is also a general partner of L’ATTITUDE Ventures, the nation’s largest venture capital fund exclusively focused on Latino-led start-ups. Join Gary as he dives into today’s issues through many creative formats.

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Mid-terms went as expected

For all the talk that our political system is broken, I think it’s actually pretty solid. That is not to say it shouldn’t evolve. Along with a few other things, I think there is too much money in politics, gerrymandering should be illegal, and it should be a lot easier for eligible citizens to vote.…

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Insta’s Top 10

Soccer superstar, Ronaldo and singer/actress, Selena Gomez top the list of Instagram followers with 144.6M and 144.4M followers respectively. Granted Insta followers is only one metric, but it further demonstrates how Latinos and stars from the Iberian Peninsula are continuing to exert their influence on the mainstream sports and entertainment world. Many music experts are…

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Don’t forget to vote

I read a good article in the NY Times about how the Democrats keep underestimating Trump’s political gifts. I won’t comment further except to say that the Dems should be dominating the midterms and the fact that they are not says a lot about Trump and a lot about the lack of real leadership within…

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Midterms and the Latino Factor

Many people are calling the upcoming midterm elections the most important in recent memory. For nearly two years, the Trump administration has pushed their agenda with the benefit of a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. This advantage has helped the President get two of his nominees on the Supreme Court, pass…

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Vanity Fair and the New Establishment

Vanity Fair Magazine once again published its list of the 100 leaders of the New Establishment, a list of the movers and shakers in tech, media, and culture. Robert Mueller oddly appears as number one on the list followed by stalwarts like Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings, and Bob Iger. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared the 94th slot…

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Always be learning

For whatever reason, I have never felt like I have learned all that I need to know. Learning is a constant in my life, and I think it has made me a happier person. I can’t think of anything more depressing than the thought of there being nothing left to achieve and nothing more to…

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Behind the Scenes at L’ATTITUDE

For those of you who follow NAHREP or myself on social media, you probably know that the L’ATTITUDE event took place two weeks ago in San Diego. I have been contemplating an event like L’ATTITUDE for about three years. It’s my passion project and my “moon shot”, so when the event finally came and went it was…

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Puebla, MX

Last week I was in Mexico for the first time in almost two decades. The reason I haven’t been in Mexico is a long story. My parents are both U.S.-born so my only experience with Mexico was visiting resort cities like Cancún and Mazatlán. I didn’t love those places and always felt that the party…

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Shut up and Dribble

Lebron James is producing a three part documentary series on the changing role of athletes in the current political environment. The show, Shut up and Dribble, will appear on Showtime and takes its name from conservative pundit Laura Ingraham’s remarks to James after he voiced support for the players of the Golden State Warriors who declined…

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