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Gary Acosta is an entrepreneur, public policy advocate, investor, and thought leader passionate about advancing prosperity for Latinos and other underserved communities. As an industry leader, he protects and improves the business environment required to close the wealth gap, particularly via homeownership. Amongst other endeavors, he is Co-Founder & CEO of NAHREP, the country’s leading Hispanic business organization, and Co-Founder of L’ATTITUDE, the preeminent platform for Latino economic empowerment. Acosta is also a general partner of L’ATTITUDE Ventures, the nation’s largest venture capital fund exclusively focused on Latino-led start-ups. Join Gary as he dives into today’s issues through many creative formats.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the Super Bowl and I am rooting for the LA Rams, but while my heart is with the Rams my head says the Patriots will win again. At 41 years old, Tom Brady does not seem to be slowing down and I reluctantly have to admit that he is probably the greatest football…

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UCLA Basketball

The storied UCLA Basketball program is struggling. With a strong recruiting class and a solid group of veterans, most preseason polls had UCLA back in the top 15 this year. However, the Bruins did not live up to the expectations, losing to several schools that they should have easily beaten. With the pressure mounting from…

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The history of government shutdowns

Most of you have probably heard by now that the 35-day government shutdown is over, at least for now. Congress and the President agreed to open the government for three weeks so that government employees can get paid while our elected officials can continue to negotiate a federal budget. What you probably don’t know is…

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Housing Market

Been a while since I wrote about the housing market. Maybe because it’s my day job and I prefer to blog about other interests, but I have been working on an op-ed about the current state of the housing market and what I believe is the cavalry that is keeping it strong. Here is an…

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A winning culture usually beats talent

Photo Credit: Simon Bruty Last week, the New England Patriots reminded Charger fans (all 500 of them) that a winning culture can still beat all the talent in the world. Coming off of road wins against Baltimore, Pittsburg, and Kansas City, the LA Chargers flew into Foxborough with the misguided feeling that this was finally…

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A Wall or Not a Wall

As of this writing, the government is in the midst of the longest self-imposed shut down in history. Approximately 800,000 workers are out of work or going without pay, national parks are closed, and all “non-essential” government services are on hold. The reason for the shutdown is because the government does not have an approved…

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Hamilton opens in PR

In one of the most feel-good stories of the week, Lin-Manual Miranda brought his Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece Hamilton the Musical to Puerto Rico, the hurricane-ravaged island of his father’s birth. He also returned to the role of Alexander Hamilton, the part he originated and made famous on Broadway. Miranda brought the show to the island…

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Holidays are for family

I was raised a Christian and celebrate Christmas, but I also believe that the holiday season belongs to other religions and cultures. In fact, to me, learning about how other families celebrate the holiday season is one of the best parts of the season. A favorite holiday movie of mine is Love Actually, a British…

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Beto O’Rourke in D.C.

Last week, I was flying to Washington DC on Southwest Airlines with a layover in Dallas. I was en route to the Hispanic Wealth Project Policy Forum at the Urban Institute and looking forward to seeing my friends and colleagues from around the country. While I was boarding in Dallas, my daughter, who was flying…

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Pop is about to retire

Some of you may know that my athletic claim to fame is that I played D3 basketball at Pomona College for the GOAT, Gregg Popovich. It was Pop’s first head coaching job after being an assistant coach at the Air Force Academy. In fact, Pop has only had two head coaching jobs in his life:…

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Television continues to evolve

I must admit, I like the way television has evolved in the last few years. With all of the formats and options available, the competition has driven more specialization and a higher quality product. There is truly something for everyone. Ironically, live sports are still the thing I watch most on television — which is…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The 116th Congress will take office on January 3rd. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest and one of the most intriguing members of the new congress. The Bronx native has captured the imagination of millions of young people with her audacity, charm, and transparency. Through social media, she is literally taking 75 million millennials on this…

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