Gratitude is More Than a Holiday

I believe deeply in taking the high road; it is rarely good to lose your cool, especially in business. It’s part of what we call emotional intelligence…However, it’s not always best to walk away from a fight. There are some things worth fighting for, and for the right reasons…Historically, NAHREP has been friendly with consumer groups. We have not always agreed on everything, but I respect them and have worked hard to have a good relationship with them. But…

What is Your Thesis?

I am a big believer in being authentic and original…Last year, I started playing with an idea about how entrepreneurship can close the minority wealth gap in America. I floated an audacious idea that the wealth gap poses an existential threat to America’s leadership in the world economy. That was an attention-getter! To develop my thesis on how to close the wealth gap, I thought about my observations in the housing industry. I realized that…

A Foundation, a Passion Project and a Moonshot

We all have our own idea of what makes a successful career. For some, it is owning a profitable business, for others it might be the stability and prestige of a high-paying profession. However, for most people, success is some combination of earning a high income while preserving the freedom to enjoy it. Unlike some people, I enjoy the process. I like the early stages of a new venture, even more than after it becomes an actual business. I am not however an adrenaline junkie. I am not willing to risk everything to pursue my next idea. I am my best when my business is doing well enough that I have the time and the means to pursue a passion project and a moonshot.

False Choices

We live in a society where people acquire strong opinions with only soundbites of information. Critics of affirmative action characterize it as a policy that allowed colleges to admit students of color who were undeserving and unqualified. However, the data showed that everyone who is admitted to Harvard meets the academic criteria.

The Road to Happiness Consists of Four Things

We live in a capitalistic society. Economics drives everything. We work hard and we have more money to provide for our families and do the things we want. But what actually makes us happy? Some of us spend our lives looking for that answer and never find it. Some look for it in church, others pay life coaches, and some think the more money they have the happier they will be.