Daniel Lubetzky is the founder of Kind, LLC and his company recently sold a stake to the global candy firm Mars, Inc. In 2003, unhappy with unhealthy or unappetizing snacking choices, and concerned with the rising obesity and diabetes epidemic in America, Daniel launched KIND Snacks with the value proposition to “do the kind thing for your body, your taste buds & your world®.” KIND has since become the fastest-growing snack company in the US. Lubetzky is a Mexican-Jew from Mexico City and the son of a Holocaust survivor. Before founding KIND, Lubetzky launched PeaceWorks, a not-for-profit-ONLY company who promotes joint ventures between Arabs and Israelis. For those of you who follow The NAHREP 10, which among other things promotes the concept of doing well by doing good, you would probably enjoy Lubezky’s New York Times bestselling book, “Do the KIND thing”.