Gary Acosta

Successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of today’s leading Hispanic business organization

Gary Acosta is the Co-Founder & CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) and a 25-year veteran of the housing industry. NAHREP is the nation’s largest minority real estate trade association with over 30,000 members and 80 local chapters. In his capacity as CEO of NAHREP, he created the Hispanic Wealth Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a strategic plan to triple Hispanic household wealth by 2024. Mr. Acosta also authored The Hispanic Wealth Disciplines, 10 principles that guide NAHREP members and supporters towards a career of wealth and prosperity. He is the creator of 53 Million and One®, a one of a kind, theatrical presentation that chronicles the true life story of Jerry Ascencio, and his journey from immigrant to successful real estate entrepreneur.

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Can activism and capitalism share a bed?

The NFL Season opens today with a new controversy. Like a lot of us, I’ve been observing the blowback from the surprising partnership between the NFL and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Company. Under any other circumstances the partnership would be applauded by just about everyone, but given the NFL’s collateral damage from the Colin Kaepernick situation…

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I told you so

I might be a bit premature in celebrating, but my prediction about Kawhi Leonard is proving to be correct – in a big way. The Raptor forward is about to bring the musician Drake and about a million rapid fans from Toronto, Canada their very first NBA Championship. Leonard is my kind of superstar: talented,…

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The New Tiger Woods

About ten or twelve years ago, I was at my local driving range hitting some golf balls on a Sunday afternoon. The driving range in Del Mar has The Golf Mart next to it. On this particular day, the driving range was packed and The Golf Mart was hopping. The guy who ran the shop…

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Tom Izzo controversy

For those following March Madness, you might have heard about the controversy surrounding Michigan State coach Tom Izzo. Izzo, who is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball, was in the news this week after video footage of him savagely berating a player made its way around social media. The video prompted a…

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March Madness is coming soon

Next weekend the most exciting spectacle in all of sports begins. I love the NCAA Tourney and expect this year to be just as good as it usually is. The emotion of March Madness is what makes it so special. Every year there is at least one team that defies all odds and advances much…

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Manny Machado

The twenty-six-year-old third-baseman from Hialeah, Florida signed the biggest free agency contract ($300,000,000) in MLB history to play for the San Diego Padres. As someone who lives in San Diego, I was as shocked as anyone because I always viewed the Padres as a sort of farm team for the bigger market teams. Maybe that’s…

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D3 Sports

Today my son and the Colorado College Men’s basketball team played its last game of the season. Colorado College is an elite class of high academic liberal arts colleges with an admission rate of only 17%. The sports facilities rival most Division 1 schools. Coming out of high school, Aaron had other options but chose…

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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the Super Bowl and I am rooting for the LA Rams, but while my heart is with the Rams my head says the Patriots will win again. At 41 years old, Tom Brady does not seem to be slowing down and I reluctantly have to admit that he is probably the greatest football…

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UCLA Basketball

The storied UCLA Basketball program is struggling. With a strong recruiting class and a solid group of veterans, most preseason polls had UCLA back in the top 15 this year. However, the Bruins did not live up to the expectations, losing to several schools that they should have easily beaten. With the pressure mounting from…

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A winning culture usually beats talent

Photo Credit: Simon Bruty Last week, the New England Patriots reminded Charger fans (all 500 of them) that a winning culture can still beat all the talent in the world. Coming off of road wins against Baltimore, Pittsburg, and Kansas City, the LA Chargers flew into Foxborough with the misguided feeling that this was finally…

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Pop is about to retire

Some of you may know that my athletic claim to fame is that I played D3 basketball at Pomona College for the GOAT, Gregg Popovich. It was Pop’s first head coaching job after being an assistant coach at the Air Force Academy. In fact, Pop has only had two head coaching jobs in his life:…

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Shut Up and Dribble

Long before Colin Kaepernick, athletes have been using their fame as a platform to express protest and civil rights. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because sports are a major part of American culture and where the biggest stars are most often minority. “Shut Up and Dribble” chronicles the modern history of the NBA and at…

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