Gary Acosta

Successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of today’s leading Hispanic business organization

Gary Acosta is the Co-Founder & CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) and a 25-year veteran of the housing industry. NAHREP is the nation’s largest minority real estate trade association with over 30,000 members and 80 local chapters. In his capacity as CEO of NAHREP, he created the Hispanic Wealth Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a strategic plan to triple Hispanic household wealth by 2024. Mr. Acosta also authored The Hispanic Wealth Disciplines, 10 principles that guide NAHREP members and supporters towards a career of wealth and prosperity. He is the creator of 53 Million and One®, a one of a kind, theatrical presentation that chronicles the true life story of Jerry Ascencio, and his journey from immigrant to successful real estate entrepreneur.

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Liberal Arts Degrees

In today’s evolving economy, many of the jobs that exist today won’t exist in the near future. Robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the world as we know it. If your job can be automated, it will be automated. For someone, fifty years of age or older, this may not affect you as much, but…

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Be Careful Not to Chase Shiny Objects

I recently read that 40% of real estate agents and loan officers will change companies in the next twelve months. This tends to happen when the market shifts dramatically. Real estate is a cyclical business and after one of the longest bull markets in modern history, it’s not a surprise that things are starting to…

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Amazon abandons Long Island

Amazon announced this week that they will no longer locate a secondary headquarters in Long Island after receiving a wave of backlash from local politicians and community groups. Last year, the retail juggernaut completed perhaps the largest RFP process in U.S. history when they selected Long Island, NY and Crystal City, VA to house their…

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Always be learning

For whatever reason, I have never felt like I have learned all that I need to know. Learning is a constant in my life, and I think it has made me a happier person. I can’t think of anything more depressing than the thought of there being nothing left to achieve and nothing more to…

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Behind the Scenes at L’ATTITUDE

For those of you who follow NAHREP or myself on social media, you probably know that the L’ATTITUDE event took place two weeks ago in San Diego. I have been contemplating an event like L’ATTITUDE for about three years. It’s my passion project and my “moon shot”, so when the event finally came and went it was…

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A few words on leadership

I have been thinking a lot about leadership lately, especially considering NAHREP will have the great John C. Maxwell at the national convention in September. Maxwell is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on the subject of leadership. Unlike other more quantifiable skills such as those in accounting, legal, science, or technology, leadership skills…

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Don’t count Walmart out

We all know how Amazon is dominating the retail sales world. They can cause the stock valuations of an entire business sector to plummet just by sticking their toe in a new business category (see grocery and pharma). So who is going to challenge them? My bet is Walmart. Walmart has more cash flow and…

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Time to Save our Money

The signs are there. Interest rates are rising, gas prices are surging, and the deficit is blowing up. A recession is right around the corner. This is the time to start thinking lean, and avoid any new long-term liabilities. For self-employed people this is especially important. People who own their own business are by definition,…

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Headliners line up for L’ATTITUDE

L’ATTITUDE is going to change everything. The first major convention about America’s new mainstream culture and economy will feature discussions and presentations about the media, entertainment, politics, and business. Confirmed headliners include: Robert Rodriguez (Filmmaker), Zoe Saldana (Actor), Alex Rodriguez (Athlete and Entrepreneur), Thomas Friedman (Author), Tim Sloan (CEO, Wells Fargo), Oscar Munoz (CEO, United…

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Emotional Leadership

Running NAHREP has taught me a great deal about leadership and company culture. I get to interface with a lot of companies and business owners, and I occasionally get to see under the hood. By running NAHREP I’ve also learned that in an organization with over 30,000 members and volunteers, inspiration is the lifeblood. Company…

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USHCC CEO Steps Down

Javier Palomarez, the embattled CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced his resignation last week. Palomarez has been the subject of an investigation regarding allegations related to finances and sexual harassment. In a statement, Palomarez claimed that he was completely vindicated of those allegations, but nonetheless felt it was time for him…

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